mutual masturbation

page updated: 30-Mar-2004

This page is about having other people touch my vagina, or touching my vagina in the company of other people. Solo stuff is under masturbation.

I mostly enjoy having my vagina touched as foreplay or in conjunction with oral sex. It is a little hard to tell without looking, exactly where your fingers are at in relation to the rest of a vagina, and some precision is necessary when dealing with the clitoris. It seems to be easier with your own vagina, when you can work by feel. Other people's fingers do better finding their way inside the vagina itself. I've never had anybody in my vagina up to their wrist, but I've had a fair portion of hand inside of me.

I've only had one orgasm as a result of touching alone. Mostly, other people's fingers are too clumsy or too different from what I would do to myself.

I would say that I've gotten used to my own masturbation style, which may or may not be unfortunate. I have heard radio show sex therapists encourage people to diversify their masturbation techniques for fear of only being able to orgasm with one specific type of stimulation (humping an arm chair or what have you), but I don't seem to have trouble having orgasms during other activities.

I have found it sexy to touch myself while my beloved boy holds me or kisses me. I also like when he touches himself when we are together. Mostly we do this as a lead up to other things, since the more excited either of us gets the more we want each other, but sometimes, if I am sore or for a change, one or both of us will have orgasms that way.

The only person I have masturbated with is special boy. I've never had a masturbation contest with another woman (although I did race boy once, and I kicked ass). Some women probably do that, but I don't know any who have mentioned it. Usually when masturbating with the lover, we are both touching ourselves at the same time. Usually it works out that we'll be touching each other and our hands will get tired so we'll kind of encourage each other to take care of our own selves while we continue to make out and whatnot.

For awhile I was quite self-conscious about masturbating in front of a boy, because I didn't want to be observed as a curiosity ("ohhh, that's how girls masturbate...") but it can be a good thing to do sometimes. I kind of educated my boy, using his own hand on me when I was shy to use my own. It worked out. Now we both touch me, or ourselves, at the same time or solo.

Mainly when being touched I lie on my side facing my partner, but this often gets adjusted to have me on my back and the toucher propped up on an elbow over me. This way I can spread my legs some and not squish his/her/my hand.

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