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page updated: 30-Mar-2004

I have only tasted my vagina a few times other than tasting smears of me on someone else's body. This was accomplished by licking my finger; I've never tried to lick my own vagina because I can tell that I couldn't reach it. When I asked for my boy's input as to the flavour of my vagina, he offered that it was "good." Lately he's added that it goes with everything, even recently brushed teeth. Also it goes with margaritas. For details, you are stuck with my description, constructed mostly from other people's vaginas which I have tasted more extensively than my own.

This is still a limited description. My beloved also pointed out that different vaginas have different tastes, which hadn't occured to me for whatever reason. The only excuse I can think of is that my vagina-tastings have been few and far apart.

But, from my small experience, vaginas have both a taste and an aftertaste. Neither of these is easy to describe, as they aren't similar to anything else that I know of (suggestions so far: a penny (for metallicness); a taco; white glue; potato; cedar; armpit; cantaloupe; fish; umami. Variation, yes?).

The taste of a vagina comes mostly from the fluids in it, and is thus stronger inside the vagina itself than in the external parts. The taste is not quite sour, but somewhat astringent, perhaps because the vagina is, after all, acidic. The tartness is mild but the taste can be quite strong. To me, the taste seems "thick," which is my word for the combination of aftertaste and creaminess of some of the vaginal fluids. I am intrigued by the suggestion that the taste of vaginas may include umami, the fifth taste, because I definitely do associate some of the qualities of umami with the taste of a woman. The slippery (non-creamy) fluids that get made when I'm excited don't taste like much as far as I know. I find that the taste of a vagina isn't too related to the smell.

Everyone I've talked to likes the taste, and I don't think that it takes as much "acquiring" as the taste of semen, which is slightly bitter rather than sour.

The aftertaste of my vagina is not acid, but rather composed just of the flavour, which is the part I am having trouble describing. In some ways, to me, it is similar to the aftertaste of raw tomato (an umami flavour!). It does not linger overly long, but it is definitely noticeable.

Tastes of bodily fluids can be altered by what you eat. Asparagus is famous for making ejaculate taste like hot mustard (bad thing), and pineapple is the most recent food I've heard rumoured to make people taste delicious. I want to have a pineapple feast as an experiment. Smoking gives your vulva ashtray breath along with your mouth and fingers and clothes and house etc.

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