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page updated: 21-Sep-2004

Lopsided Labia are Lovely

Some parts of my vulvo-vaginal unit are symmetric, and some are not. However, as loverman points out, all of it has synergy. My vagina itself, and my labia majora (outer lips) are symmetric, except that I have a mole on one lip. It is hidden by fur most of the time.

The right labia minora is bigger than the left one. It is not any fatter, and the two join in matching places on either end of the opening to my vagina, but the one lip is flappier. Maybe twice as big (though they are not particularly big), and kind of wavier.

The one large labia used to distress me and I would wait for the other one to catch up. I would get worried about what someone looking at my vagina would think. I would consider just trimming the one side down with nail scissors. (And I've had email from someone who considered the same thing! I hope nobody out there actually follows through— it is ok to be this way!) I calmed down once someone besides me had seen my vulva up close and not commented on its asymmetry.

Later, at the Smut Shack (at Burning Man), I was reviewing a 70s Penthouse magazine with some friends and noticed that one model in a faux Bond Girl photo spread had notably asymmetrical labia minora. This was a pleasant and comforting surprise, despite involving a pin-up woman splayed out enough to allow analysis of her labia minora.

I am gradually developing a context of expectations for my vagina. It is reassuring to understand where it is coming from, and how it relates to the overall nature of vaginas. That was a bit grandiose, but it is true.

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I have given presentations about labia angst and the sources of idealized images of vulvas.

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