“Submit to My Vagina!” Handbills

Submit to My Vagina: Printable Handbills

Help make the Winter 2004 Music Issue a grand success by inviting your favorite bands to contribute vagina-related songs! These handbills provide all the necessary details, in convenient 4-to-a-page PDF format. Download and print at will— just remember that the submission deadline is November 15, 2004.

Printable Music Issue Submissions Handbill (157kb PDF)

The handbills read:

Submit to My Vagina!

Now accepting submissions for All About My Vagina's Music issue… especially original songs with gynecological themes

Need inspiration? Consider…

  • Little Red Corvette (Prince)
  • She-Bop (Cyndi Lauper)
  • Cleo (Built To Spill)
  • Brown Sugar (The Rolling Stones)
  • We're Having a Baby (Make-Up)

“Gynecological themes?”

  • Birth!
  • Sex!
  • Anatomy!
  • Health!
  • Hairstyles!
  • Underwear!
  • Periods!
  • Body Image!
  • Piss!
  • Nicknames!

All About My Vagina can promote you to over 10,000 people every day. There has been too much information at myvag.net since March 2000.

Details: http://myvag.net/submit/
Deadline: Nov 15, 2004

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