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page updated: 30-Mar-2004

This finally brings us to sex soreness. If I am sore, my boy and I usually refer to me as "in training" and try to have less sex until I'm better. The training thing came up when we moved in together after living in separate cities, and decided that if we wanted to keep having sex 6 times a day whenever we were together we'd have to gradually work up the stamina and endurance. So I'm in training to become a sex machine.

For me, there seem to be two kinds of sex-induced soreness. Firstly, my vagina can become raw from sex, usually due to lack of lubrication in the first place or to very long sessions of sex that use up all my slipperiness. We don't buy lube as this is not a problem that comes up very often, but lubricated condoms did seem to prevent me from being rubbed raw, even if we had crazy amounts of sex.

This kind of soreness will be mostly around the mouth of my vagina, and sometimes parts of either set of labia will be sore too. It can be quite minor and only noticeable if something is stretching or pushing on my vagina, or more major and result in swelling that hurts when I sit or walk, and in very uncomfortable peeing (urine on raw skin again burns like fire). I've only been that sore once, and it was because I kept having sex even though I was a little sore after the first time. This soreness usually goes away in about a day, but is aggravated by any rubbing or bumping while it is healing.

If I am suffering from the raw kind of soreness, having sex will usually be uncomfortable for the first few moments and then not be painful anymore. I don't know if this is because things get cushioned by lubrication or because all the thrusting numbs them or what. The more sore I am to start with, the more time it will take to stop hurting. If I am anything more than slightly sore I usually avoid sex, or only have it if I am sopping wet with anticipation or as a result of being licked.

The second kind of sex soreness is bruising due to hard objects being thrust against the walls of my vagina. I am more prone to this with forceful or energetic sex, and especially if my boy is behind me. That angle tends to bruise the front wall of my vagina some. As well, overly large objects like whole hands can bruise my vagina a bit as they enter. I've never had noticeable bruises on the external parts of my vagina (although I have had mild bruises on my thighs), only tenderness inside it that I attribute to bruises.

Bruising takes longer to go away, but having sex in a different position from the one that led to the bruising can often avoid bothering the tender spots while they heal. Rawness is thus more of an inhibition to having sex.

As a footnote, my boy has been sore from sex too (due to rubbing not bruising).

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