vaginal aches & pains

page updated: 30-Mar-2004

I automatically associate a sore vagina with sex. This is just because of connotations of the word "sore," not because I actually associate sex with soreness. Lots of other things can give my vagina a pain as well.

Vaginal dryness, mostly due to tampon use, has probably been the most frequent cause of soreness for me. This kind of soreness would involve the external parts of my vagina, which are really not vaginal but part of the vulva. The sensitive, usually moist skin of my various lips would feel raw and a little itchy, independent of any position I was in. Wiping anything with toilet paper would be awful, so I would tend to delicately dab instead.

To alleviate the soreness I would try to use smaller tampons (less absorbant) and smear what vaginal juices I could find onto the insides of my poor dry labia. Once I put hand moisturizing lotion on them but it was a bad idea and burned like fire! I imagine a water-based lubricant would have been a better choice. In other efforts, I would go tampon-less in the shower and try to get everything all lubricated and clean at the same time. Also, if I could manage it without further hurting myself, I would masturbate some to create lubricating fluids for my dry areas. Wearing pads instead of tampons would probably have solved any difficulties but I hated wearing pads too much. I don't get dry during my period since I switched to the rubber cup.

My vagina is also sometimes just generally achy for the first day I bleed, both inside my vagina and outside in my vulva. Wearing pads is more comfortable in times like this but I barely ever do. Usually I just sit gingerly, deal gently with internal menstrual products and avoid riding my bike or having sex. After or instead of the large-scale vaginal aching, the top end of my vagina, I assume including my cervix, will be a bit tender. This is no barrier to menstrual products, but can make sex uncomfortable unless it is very gentle.

Occasionally, I have also made myself sore from masturbating excessively. This would usually be a rawness of the inside of my labia majora, due to rubbing, and would mostly only hurt if I tried to touch the sore parts or if they somehow ended up pressed into my underwear. Taking a break from the self-loving would allow the rawness to heal.

I do not recall any injuries to my vagina, but I'm sure that at some point I've banged it on something and hurt it. Bathtubs are treacherous for that, but I don't recall any specific incidents. In any case, no permanent damage has been done.

Unduly tight panties can hurt my vagina, mainly if they rub on my labia minora and dry them out. This only tends to happen with very small, ill-fitting underwear.

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