page updated: 30-Mar-2004

The everyday slipperiness of my vagina varies. At any time but ovulation, it would be what I would call moist, rather than slippery. See discharge for details.

Very occasionally my vagina is decidedly non-slippery, usually as a result of swimming in a chlorinated pool or having an extended bath (all the various lubrications get washed away). Tampons can also absorb anything that would otherwise make a vagina slippery, and I used to sometimes end up dry if I used tampons for 3 or 4 days in a row.

There are two glands, on either side of the vagina near its opening, that are sometimes purported to make slippery fluids in anticipation of sex. I only recently read that, but the placement made sense to me-- I had figured on the wetness being produced somewhere fairly low since tampons didn't usually stop it. The other explanation I have read of where sex lubrication comes from is that when the vaginal walls swell during arousal, the fluid sweats out of them. I do not know which of these explanations is correct, but the sweating theory is Kinsey Institute info.

In any case, the fluid is clear and thin but quite strong, and isnít easily rubbed into skin. It can be washed away easily with water, even once it has dried onto something. As it dries it gets sticky.

I find that feeling all slippery will arouse me more and beget more slipperiness. One of the reasons I like to be licked and kissed on is the wetness of it.

Being more slippery will almost always make for more enjoyable sex for me. Until lately, I'd never used any lubrication but what my body makes, with the occasional addition of saliva from foreplay activities. Spit is not a good overall sex lubrication as it dries too quickly and wears off. However, it can get things started, make a path for my own fluids to venture outside the vagina to other, nearby, and important places that could otherwise be chafed.

Beloved boy and I bought lube when we bought the strap-on, and of course ended up playing with the bottle of slipperiness. Neither of us thought that it made me slipperier than I usually am, but I did notice that it was sort of more durable than my own lubricity. (OK, lubricity is a great word. So funny to hear smut shop hostess going on about lubricitous qualities of various products.)

The main place we found the bottled slippery made a difference was for fingers venturing toward the backside of a lover. Being slippery there makes it easier to come and go, to tease and generally play. Kind of nice to not have to have such a commitment to the area.

Occasionally, even if I am quite excited, I am not very slippery right away. It will occasionally worry me that my boy will be wanting to get it on and I won't be ready, but it is quite easy to work out. Either one of us can encourage my vagina to make more wetness. The best way is usually with licking, as the wetness of that will make me relax, silly as it sounds. It reminds me of guys worrying about not keeping up an erection, which is kind of funny :)

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