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page updated: 30-Mar-2004

I don't know what the average measurements of a full grown vagina are, or how mine relates. Whenever my roommate gets her CrapHound (clip-art zine) stuff back I'll have a diagram of relative vaginal diameters to put up here. It is an enlargement (ha ha) but I guess I'll re-scale it.

I have never measured any part of my vagina, but I have a fairly good idea of its size from my various encounters with it while dealing with menstrual products and sex. Also, I've occasionally been curious about the size of it and poked around inside it with my fingers.

I have recently concluded that my vagina, in its unstretched state, is about the same length as my fingers. Figuring this out took extended messing about inside me with my fingers (I was trying to work out an Instead menstrual cup).

Previously to this I thought that my vagina must have been longer, mostly based on diagrams of vaginas I'd seen all over the place (textbooks, tampon instructions). I feared though, that it was shorter and/or too short. All these stresses from not having formal expectations.

Further revelations from my recent explorations include that my vagina seems to be slightly deeper at the back of my cervix than at the front, and that my cervix is the least deep and most immovable end point of my vagina.

This unstretched measurement is not a good overall description. I can always push further into my vagina, and can fit my beloved's whole unit inside me, or our whole rubber toy. So my vagina can stretch from around 4 inches deep to around 8. It's actual depth gets to be kind of irrelevant. It can accomodate.

The width of my vagina is also difficult to describe, as it is very elastic. It collapses shut when not held open, but can stretch about as wide as hand. This is about how big the ring of my pelvic bones is. My vagina feels stretched if it is opened wider than two fingers or so. I think it is wider front to back than side to side when it is empty and resting.

My vulva is plump and soft but not pendulous or noticeably big. I am not a fat girl, and do not have a fat vagina, but apparently fat women have more and better orgasms during sex than thin women do. (That statistic was from an article in Monday magazine that isn't online anymore.) I don't know whether the orgasms are due to the fatness of a vulva or are just part of being a big woman.

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