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This should be fairly straightforward. I think most people know this stuff anyway.

The most sensitive parts of my vaginal unit are the insides of my labia and all the moist parts of the vulva, with the clitoris obviously being a special, especially sensitive organ unto itself. The clitoris is capable of generating physical, sexual sensations, while the other parts are merely suggestive.

They can be ticklish, especially the outsides of my outer labia.

The actual opening of my vagina is also reasonably sensitive to touch, to temperature and to pressure. For about an inch (2-3cm) inside itself, it can feel all those things. I find that stretching is what it can feel the most.

In the depths of my vagina, I can really only feel pressure, and not very much. This means that I can use internal menstrual products without noticing them. It also means that while I sometimes get sore around the opening of my vagina, the inner reaches barely ever feel anything. Sometime I worry that some patch inside me could be rubbed raw and near to bleeding and I just haven't noticed it.

The insides do occasionally get bruised, which I can feel if something presses on them. I can feel the inner reaches being pushed into and stretched when something sizable like a penis or several fingers is inside me, but I can't often discern the location of the touching. Similarly I can feel good feelings and sometimes the need to urinate if my boy has put pressure on my g-spot, but I couldn't point to the spot itself. It's a funny set of nerves in there.

Finally, I think my cervix is somehow more sensitive than the rest of the inside parts. It is not ticklish or anything, but I can feel it being scraped against when I have a pap smear, and if it gets bumped by a menstrual product or during sex, it can actually hurt. I think it only hurts when it is displaced, but this can be a sharp pain. It goes away, but can make me wary of more poking.

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