Review: Super Stroke It!

Super Stroke It!

Super Stroke It!

from Earth's Herbal Products

Oil based lubricants dissolve latex, so they can't be safely used with latex condoms, dental dams, diaphragms, sex toys, or catsuits. Consequently, oil based lubes don't have the high profile of the condom compatible, water based lubricants that are (deservedly) promoted in every discussion of safer sex.

However, not all sex requires latex (even safer sex can use polyurethane, and masturbation is the safest sex of all). Since I barely use any latex at all, I can luckily indulge in Super Stroke It! personal lubricant, to which I am rapidly becoming addicted.

Super Stroke It! is a soft, tingly balm of beeswax, olive oil, peppermint and other herbs that is handmade here in Victoria, BC. It is much like a lighter, milder version of Burt's Beeswax lip balm; it tastes like olive oil, and smells like mint and honey. Super Stroke It! offers the twin super-powers of superb, oil-based lubrication and a cool, minty tingle that loverman and I both find delightful.

Oil based lubrication is a completely different experience from water based, glycerine lube! Since there is no water to evaporate, oil based lube doesn't get sticky over time. Instead, it eventually rubs into the skin like a moisturizer, making clean-up extremely easy.

It's also a different kind of slippery than water based lube— Super Stroke It! forms a lighter, thinner, more stable layer of lubrication that doesn't get sloppy, making it possible to lubricate some areas (for example, the vagina) without eliminating all friction in other areas (for example, the clitoris). I like to apply it to my partner rather than myself.

Super Stroke It!'s peppermint tingle is definite, but mild enough for vaginal or anal use, if I'm any indication. It increases surface sensitivity, so that I have much greater awareness of penetration, and the tingle itself is a method of clitoral (or nipple, or penis) stimulation. Even when I have no need for lubrication, Super Stroke It! is seriously fun— it's a lube, and also a toy! A non-minted version (Stroke It!) is also available.

The down sides? Super Stoke It! is more expensive than most lubricants (about $20 Canadian for a tin), not safe for use with latex, and not widely available, although Come As You Are and Venus Envy have been known to carry it online, and Earth's Herbal answers email inquiries at earthsherbal(at)shaw(dot)ca.

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Until October 15, 2004, you can enter to win free Super Stoke It and other herbal prizes in the Vaginal Food & Cuisine issue!

See also an interview with Lily Fawn of Earth's Herbal in the Vaginal Food & Cuisine issue.

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