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“The incredibly easy Pee-Zee” enables women to pee standing up. It is a folding, flexible plastic device shaped sort of like a bird mask for your vulva, or a pointy, open-toed slipper. A large opening on the top side of the wider end fits around the vulva, and a smaller opening at the tip directs urine to your chosen target. It folds flat when not in use.

My first impressions of the Pee-Zee were that it was a very simple design, with a very DIY aesthetic. The Pee-Zee website is low tech, demonstration photos are candid and show a real woman peeing, and the device itself has “Pee-Zee” hand lettered in the corner. This could have made the whole operation seem amateur, but because I got fast and friendly responses, prompt delivery, and a quality product that works very well and seems more cleverly designed the more I use it, the lo-fi factor turned out to be a bonus. I do love the friendly, personal, casual charm of DIY, and I like to support small businesses.

Upon receiving my Pee-Zee (in purple), the design seemed likely to cause a mess, but in experimental use it has proven remarkably tidy! The larger opening fits around the entire vulva, and wouldn’t seem to protect against urine dribbling all over the labia or pubic hair. Perhaps because the wide opening induces me to stand with my legs slightly farther apart than I would naturally, I’ve had no problem with dribbles at all. I don’t even need to wipe up after using it! And because the opening doesn’t need to seal against drips, it can be positioned as loosely as is comfortable.

I was also skeptical of the hygeinic merits of the recommendation to store the Pee-Zee in my pocket or purse, rinsing when possible and wrapped in the original plastic bag if desired. However, Pee-Zee’s clever design leaves no drips exposed— very few cling to the slick finish of the inside of the Pee-Zee, and any that do are sandwiched in there when Pee-Zee is folded flat. Because the larger opening doesn’t fit close to the urethra, urine doesn’t come anywhere near the contact edges. Truly, it does seem pocket-safe to me, although it is too big to fit in the kind of pockets that I wear. Handbag-safe, in my case.

After several years of occasionally peeing standing up using only my wits and skill (and fingers), I did find the Pee-Zee remarkably easy to use. A woman wouldn’t have to know much about anatomy at all to get the generous opening to cover her urethra, and the creased trough produces a very smooth, manageable stream of urine that doesn’t require any special pressure-control from the urinator. In other words, I can finally pee standing and be lazy at the same time!

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