Review: O'My Flavors Natural Lubricant

O'My Flavors Natural Lubricant

O'My Flavors Natural Lubricant

from O'My Products Inc.

O'My is based in North Vancouver, just across the water from All About My Vagina world headquarters. They make a line of latex-safe lubricants featuring hemp and other “all-natural” (i.e., not petrochemical based) ingredients, and market their products specifically to women using heterosexual fantasies and vague references to women's special needs (oh well). Their O'My Flavors are edible, sugar-free lubes with natural flavourings intended to impart a natural taste.

In my sampling, I found all of the flavours dominated by good old glycerin, with its usual sweetness and chemical aftertaste. From O'My's marketing, I wasn't expecting glycerin at all. Various company publications state that “O'My's main ingredient is hemp,” that “some lubricants are made from glycerine… Our formula includes Hemp, Ginseng and Damiana,” or, absurdly, “It's free from chemicals.” Whether because of the flavourings themselves or just because the first two ingredients are water and glycerine (both chemicals, incidentally), each variety tasted like artificial candy to me, and was mainly differentiated from the other flavours by scent, not taste.

In dealing with lubricants flavoured like “Poolside Piña Colada” or “Cappuccino,” my main concern is that the lube will clash with the taste of my lover (or myself). The O'My lubes solved this possible problem by completely masking any underlying flavour— these are potent, long-lasting flavours! I actually found the lingering scent impossible to wash off my hands and face, even after a soapy scrub in the shower. Except for the perma-scent, this would be a handy feature for folks who haven't acquired a taste for human genitals (but want to mouth them anyway), or who are practicing safer oral sex with unsavory latex.

As far as actual function, O'My lubes are suitably slippery and thin, but, like all glycerin-based lubes, they get sticky when they eventually dry out. The lubes rehydrate nicely with a few drops of water or spit, and wash off easily with plain water (except for the smell).

All in all, O'My makes a fine and functional lube if you like flavours, and offers an unflavoured variety if you prefer your glycerin unadulterated, except by small amounts of natural moisturizers, thickeners, stimulants and preservatives. Unfortunately, I don't happen to be in O'My's target market and consequently their exploitation of gender roles and trendy, meaningless health keywords gets my back up.

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