Review: Lisa Sparxxx 24K Gold Full Color Love Baton

Lisa Sparxxx 24K Gold Full Color Love Baton

Lisa Sparxxx 24K Gold Full Color Love Baton

from XXXGlass

Pyrex is really making a name for itself as a material for quality sex toys. (I say “making” because the glass toy selection in my favorite toy shops is still too small to count the takeover as complete.) Jenny at XXXGlass was kind enough to send me a sample toy (that was an exciting day at the post box!), and it promptly won me over to the Pyrex cheerleading team. I don't think there is really any point in evaluating or ranking toys, except to confirm that they are well-constructed and safe, since everyone will use toys according to different preferences. So, having confirmed that Pyrex is a quality material and that my toy is smooth, blemish-free, and structurally sound, I'll just report my personal explorations and reactions with the Love Baton.

I've always had a thing for pretty sex toys, and glass offers intense aesthetic possibilities. This toy is extremely probe-like, which I find entertaining, and very sparkly and colourful. The photo doesn't do justice to the swirly colours wrapped around the handle! There are several purples plus gold wrapped around a clear center, so that when they are seen overlapping the whole thing is a multi-layered, sophisticated brown with pink edges. The finish on Pyrex is just a smooth polish on the hard glass, so the toys supposedly stay shiny and lovely for a lifetime. Judging by the state of my inherited Pyrex measuring cups, I'm prepared to believe that claim. The smooth, non-porous finish also makes glass toys easy to clean and sterilize, which I appreciate because loverman and I like to share toys between us, in different orifices.

This Love Baton is double-ended, and despite the simple shape each end is quite different. The tapered head makes insertion really easy, but isn't my favorite shape for vaginal penetration (I don't like the sensation of being poked or drilled). That leaves the head end for careful use on loverman's backside more than for me, although I do like using the veiny shaft for non-penetrating clitoral stimulation (kind of like I'm jacking off guy-style). The handle end is more suited to my personal shape preferences, and just the right length to give a pleasant amount of penetration when the central bead is pressed against my G-spot. I personally like to press things sideways against my G-spot rather than poke at it, so the long shaft was a great grip for my purposes. Other fun features of this toy are its ability to hold heat (lots of fun in a warm bath), its heaviness, and its rock hardness (although I've startled myself a few times by bumping it against furniture or the bathtub).

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