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page updated: 30-Mar-2004

My vagina protects itself from various things. It has populations of friendly microorganisms that prevent other bugs from growing in it. It is acidic to kill things. It is hidden inside me in a covert location. The cervix makes protective mucus to keep things out of my uterus.

I also protect my vagina in various conscious ways. I don't consider underwear one of them, as I don't think a flimsy layer of cloth keeps much out. I sort of protect my vagina from various diseases by getting periodic preventative checkups at the doctor. Mainly I have protected my vagina from being infected, and protected myself from becoming impregnated through my vagina (see birth control).

To avoid yeast infections and things, I groom my vagina carefully. To protect against sexually transmitted diseases, I have used latex when having sex. I have never used latex when having oral sex, which doesn't make me a great role model. At first I did not know any better and as it turns out there was no problem. Later, with boys and girls, I knew them well enough that I thought it was a safe risk. I have never had an STD, or STI as they are apparently referred to now, so I guess I did alright.

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For clear, simple sex safety tips, see Scarleteen or Planned Parenthood.

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