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Rumour Mill Tyranny

I don't have any genital piercings, but I've coveted them off and on since high school (1996?), along with nipple piercings. Most often I've wanted some kind of clitoral hood piercing. Sometimes I thought about labial piercings too, but I had concerns about all of these possible piercings that I never really researched or allayed, even though every lady I know with any genital piercings loves them.

I worried that nipple piercings would interfere with breast feeding, and I think breast feeding is important (and my uterus tries often to convince me that babies are important). I've received several emails from women who had breast fed after removing piercings, with no problems, but I still don't know if that is a common experience.

I worried that labial piercings would get in the way during sex. My inner labia are already slightly prone to chafing just because of their shape. I also didn't think I'd like the way labial piercings would look with my furriness. That is my personal preference; pierced women have written me that they like the jewellery and fur together, and I can see the foxiness in that too.

With hood piercings, I worried that the piercer would miss the target and hurt my clitoris, or that the jewellery would rub my clit numb over time. These are mostly irrational but powerful fears: I am protective of my clitoris. I'm too wimpy to get my actual clitoris pierced, and that is ok with me.

Until this spring (2004!), I didn't seriously investigate piercings and no solid information came my way, so I laboured under the misconceptions that genital piercings are easily infected, hard to heal, cause damage over time, and so on.

My Only Actual Piercing

Thus, so far I have stuck with my lone tongue piercing. I like it. It was easy to get and is an extra thing to play with while kissing or sucking things. My vagina has never personally met a pierced tongue, but I find it easy to understand the rave reviews tongue piercings get from other people.

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