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page updated: 26-May-2005

I’m a switch pee-er

I pee sitting down most of the time, but I know how to pee standing.

Sitting to pee: observations and tips

To pee sitting, I keep my legs together and lean forward a bit. Sometimes I put my feet on tip-toe, and sometimes I lean with my elbows on my thighs. Paying attention to this, I noticed that being folded up does a couple of beneficial things: it directs my urine stream more down into the toilet so that it is less likely to splatter off the front wall of the toilet, and it arranges my vulva in such a way that my urethra is somewhat exposed (I pee straight out instead of all over the various folds of myself).

If my vagina is sore, I automatically lean further forward when I pee, to prevent any urine from running over the sore areas. In extreme cases, a wet washcloth is soothing after a painful pee. The optimum peeing position must vary between females, as urethras can point a range of directions and be nestled in a range of types and sizes of folds and lips.

Basically this sitting position is just like squatting but with a toilet under my bum. Legs together prevents any errant splashing from getting out of hand. When squatting in the open without a toilet to catch the pee and the backsplash, legs apart keeps things better out of the crossfire. I learned to squat early on, for use in peeing outside on camping trips with my family. When my sister and I were wee and lacked coordination, my dad would hold us folded above the ground by our knees and armpits so that we could pee without peeing on anything. Parents are clever, but weird.

My paternal grandmother taught me about using public toilets, and avoiding public toilet germs. Until my early teens I would either squat over the seat of a public toilet or cover the seat with toilet paper. I really disliked sitting on crinkly public toilet paper. Now I just sit unless the seat is messy. If I hover above the toilet I put the seat up so as not to sprinkle it. This courtesy practise didn’t occur to me until a couple of years ago, but I stand by it.

When possible I wipe myself after peeing, whether at home or away, but when outside and isolated I air dry for a few moments.

How I learned to stand

In about 1998 I learned to pee standing from a tutorial at that now redirects to a commercial site. To make sure the technique remains freely available, I posted my own tutorial about standing to pee.

This skill is very useful outdoors and in sketchy bathrooms, and also entertaining and healthy (tones muscles to prevent incontinence!). I highly recommend giving it a try.

I don’t practise very much, but I’ve gotten past the stage where I tend to spray or dribble. Off and on, I work on aiming my lovely smooth stream of urine so that some day I’ll be able to stand in front of the toilet, instead of only outside or in the shower, where aim doesn’t matter.

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There are several devices available to help women pee standing. See:
Pee-Zee (my review),
pStyle and

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