page updated: 31-Mar-2004

I have been trying to calculate how often I pee, or how many times a day. I don't tend to keep track, and just take it on faith that I pee enough. I monitor my dehydration more by how my head feels, and whether I get headaches. When I am at work, or at school, I don't pee very often, because I don't tend to drink much. I used to only pee once during a 7.5 hour workday (plus an hour of buses). If I have water I usually pee every 2 hours or so during the day (calculated from the timing of my breaks at my old job). At home I pee more often, sometimes way too often. If I am sitting at the computer I maintain a constant water supply and end up having to get up like every 20 minutes. I am still working on my roommate's record of 7 times in one hour (he was engaged in a peeing contest). Currently, I don't often wake up in the night to pee. When I retired and stayed at home drinking water all day, I got up a lot in the night and it was really, really irritating.

I do think that it is healthy to pee often rather than not, to save the kidneys having to deal with overly concentrated fluids and risking things crystallizing into stones in them. Better to piss clear.

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