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My Urine is Like This

For starters, a paragraph on colour. I usually pee quite clear, with a straw-gold tinge. My first morning pee is fully golden. Taking B vitamins make my pee fluorescent yellow, because the vitamin molecules themselves are yellow and bodies just flush out extra dosages of them (which is one reason I don't take B vitamins...). Beets can make your pee more red (so it turns sort of orange), but I've only noticed this once, after I ate a LOT of beets (18? Yummy).

Food can alter the smell of pee as well. Eating a lot of broccoli, or even a little bit of asparagus, can make my pee smell kind of funny and strong. I think this has to do with all the sulfur compounds in these veggies. As a lot of people know, asparagus makes various other bodily fluids smell and taste funny too :) Drinking coffee makes my urine smell like coffee, but I haven't noticed the same effect with tea. Drinking less water makes pee stronger (morning pee is stronger too), and I also notice that during my period my pee smells stronger even when there are no blood messes in sight.

I do not know what my pee tastes like, and I can't even hazard a guess. Salty? Sweet? Sour? No idea. Anybody want to volunteer your knowledge?

Temperature-wise, my pee is warm but I don't usually notice. If I have a fever, my pee feels hot to me while I'm peeing, and if I've been out in the cold skiing or swimming or something, I'll notice the warmth if I pee. The rest of the time, it doesn't feel like anything. I can feel myself peeing, but I don't think I can describe it. Just an awareness of the peeing going on. Anyone with sensation there must feel this.

As far as the pee itself, this just leaves the sound. In most situations it splashes (I have no skill at peeing quietly in toilets. I am mystified by some folks' ability to do this. Do you aim for the porcelain rather than the water or what? Do you just refrain from excessive force?), and there is also that shhhhh noise that little kids imitate. I am confused about the origins of the urethral moan/hiss/shhhh noise. Is it just the interfacing of my body and a stream of pee? Is it the pee rubbing on itself? I don't know. It gets louder if I pee more forcefully or quickly. I believe the same holds true for boys. It doesn't obsess me; it is just curious.

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