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I don't think much about what panties do to my vagina, but I do notice what my vagina does to my panties (see discharge). I've been told that panties, and in particular pantyhose, can do bad things to a vagina, causing things as vague as "crotch rot." I think the idea is supposed to be that wearing underwear presses on and holds moisture against the vagina and facilitates infection. I have never personally had a problem with this.

However, I don't always wear underwear :) Sometimes just because and sometimes because it is past time to do laundry. I don't like the way pants feel against my nether regions with no panties to shield them. If underwear gets moistened by vaginal activities, it is held against the body and stays warm and not very distinguishable from the vaginal activity itself. However, if pant seams or fabric happen to get wet, they get cold and clammy and it isn't good. If I'm going knickerless I usually wear a skirt.

Without the absorbant presence of underwear, I occasionally get moist upper thighs. More noticeably, the pubic hair near the mouth of the actual vagina gets more messy than when I wear my panties.

If I am wearing underwear, they are usually boy's no-gap fly briefs in nice colours. These are crazy cheap and very, very comfortable, being all flannelly with wide elastics and thick, soft trim. Also they look kind of foxy on girls, I think. I do have other underwear, but it is mostly old and slowly turning tatty. I try to cull the ratty ones now, but I didn't for a long time.

Special boy has a band called Panty Boy.

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