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page updated: 30-Mar-2004

The extent to which I dressed, groomed and accessorized my vulva used to be limited exclusively to trimming and removing its fur. For a while I entertained the idea of piercing it in some way. For a few years now I have been letting its beauty shine au naturel. Lately though, I have a new scheme.

I have always liked the idea of pictures on skin, but don't much like tattoos on my own personal skin. They don't come off. What I like is to be painted on.

Somehow, during some conversation in bed with special boy, I got the idea that I'd like to pluck all the hair from my unit and make pretty pictures on the mound of my womanhood. Firstly I thought a tattoo but figured that the repeated shaving or waxing required to showcase the picture might wear out the tat. Thus, the plan to paint it.

The first design idea was a big cheezy tattoo-style dragon, then a skull and crossbones or something (oh yes, pretty pictures), and now I've settled on a goldfish. This may be the first time I've actually had the desire to photograph my unit.

I have yet to decorate it with paints, but just the other day I put a temporary tattoo on it (biker style skull with snake), and we did indeed feel compelled to photograph it. The pics will probably look funny as I had just finished waxing the mound and I'm sure there were still some red bumps. I like the overall tattoo effect though. It is not so large as to replace the hair that was there before, so it still looks quite naked, but not as blank as before.

Do not email me and ask for these pics. It bothers me. Thank you.

I used to think that decorating, especially piercing, sex organs was just "extreme" and punk or whatever. Lately I understand better how it can be an act of prettifying/handsomefying, decorating, celebrating or at least paying special attention to a symbol of one's gender and sexuality. Right now I like this, cause I have been making friends with my unit again.

Partly I think this is a reaction to having been surrounded by lots of guys and barely any ladies for several months (all the chicks I know went to Europe all at the same time. Who knew?). Partly it is also due to my having been masturbating a little more (intending to work on tantric style rolling orgasms, but ending up mainly trying to recover my orgasms from this slump they've been in due to an extended down mood I've had). Either way, I've been into my femaleness, mentally and with my hands.

Glorifying my breasts just doesn't have the same implication as ornamenting my vulva. I require the atmosphere of female sexuality, not just sexiness.

Besides painting, other kinds of impermanent adornment that I am aware of include non-piercing jewellery, and things to do with fur. I don't think I know anybody with a more permanently accessorized unit.

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