orgasmic quality control

page updated: 31-Mar-2004

My orgasms can vary quite a bit, from full body events to quick things that I notice more because theyíre over than because they happened.

For me, it makes an orgasm better if it escalates slowly enough to notice. I also find that the slower it progresses the more intense it will become. All of this has a lot to do with how much Iím paying attention and what Iím thinking about, although the person with me (if there is one) has to be doing a lot of things right for things to progress at all.

I would say that the single most important influence on the quality of my orgasms is how aroused I am before any stimulation begins. If I have a fire in my loins I will have amazing orgasms. If I have to be coaxed and kissed on to get me excited, I will usually not climax with such impressiveness.

The only situation in which Iíve actually tried to engineer a prolonged orgasm is while masturbating. While seducing or being seduced I usually have enough distractions that purposely trying to delay an orgasm tends to end up with me not finishing at all.

Thus, I mostly accept my orgasms whenever they are going to come. It is usually more enjoyable to not come right at the beginning of sex and then have no sense of anticipation, but coming at all is better than not, and an orgasm is never a bad thing.

Some women seem to enjoy their orgasms more if they are loud about them (notably my old landlady and upstairs neighbour). I donít have a preference. I am loud in varying degrees, mostly depending on how many people are in adjacent rooms. Sometimes I am louder than I notice.

Other things can lead to more exciting orgams, like appropriate mood lighting or the danger of being discovered, but I think of these more as dealing with arousal.

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