multiple orgasms

page updated: 31-Mar-2004

Occasionally, after my first orgasm I will still be sort of aroused. This seems to occur mainly after really good orgasms, or if I am stimulated nearly to the point of orgasm and come on my own momentum, or with those unfortunate half-orgasms where I attempted to wait but couldn't after all and it all kind of petered out. The first two mostly work out with simultaneous orgasms, or if my boy does something to make me come after we have sex. I can also sometimes get re-aroused fairly soon after an orgasm, mostly after oral sex or if I haven't had an orgasm in several days.

In either state, I will want to entice my beloved into having sex again, and can usually have a very nice orgasm after a short rest while we work up our desire. Again, I will usually come quite soon.

Iíve never had a spectacular orgasm after the second one. I think I get overstimulated. The extra orgasms are still nice, although they tend to make me more worn out than I would otherwise be, and tend not to last as long as the first one.

Also, the more orgasms I have, the less soon I will want to have sex again that day.

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