multiple orgasms

page updated: 31-Mar-2004

To my understanding, female multiple orgasms consist of one orgasm followed by another, as opposed to some climax within a climax structure. I donít know if these have to be immediate to "count."

I frequently have more than one orgasm during a session in bed, and very occasionally during a single episode of sex. I refer to both of these occurrences as multiple orgasms, but for some reason I think there might be some more elite definition that I am unaware of. Iím not that concerned about valid terminology; I would just be curious about a mythical, complicated multiple orgasmic structure.

I think the most orgasms I have ever had in a row is three. One is the most common, then two, etc.

Usually, after I have an orgasm, my clitoris will be very sensitive and hard to do anything pleasurable to. I will start to be aware of anywhere that my vagina is sore, bruised, raw, etc. Also I will be quite contented and hard to arouse.

This is a difficult state in which to have another orgasm. If I receive a lot of stimulation, such as if I come before my boy and we keep having sex, it can easily make me sore or uncomfortable, due to the sensitivity of the various parts of my vagina and accessories. If I am left alone, I will bask in my contented state and develop very little motivation to carry on with more sexual pleasures.

Most of the second and subsequent orgasms I have are because my partner has set about seducing me again after a short rest. Sometimes I start things with mostly mental motivations and little physical desire. In these situations, my next orgasm will be less exciting than the first. It usually comes fairly quickly because of my over-sensitive clitoris, and is usually quite localized because the rest of my pelvis is sore or trying to rest after the first round.

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