names for vaginas

page updated: 30-Mar-2004

les listes

OK, lists. Some of these words refer to specific parts of the vaginal-vulval entity, and some refer to the thing in general.


roughly from more positive/enchanted garden to more negative/vulgar

.mound of womanhood (or Venus), handful of woman, womanhood; vague, often appreciative, equations of vulvas and vaginas to femininity in general

.flower, fruit, bud, rose, cherry; other frilly, lush or fertile plant matter

.conch, orchid; other structurally layered or complex plant or animal

.friend, sister, aunt; other amicable or feminine persona

.center, heart, source; especially of femininity, fertility or sexuality

.place, temple, house; alone or "of delights, wonders, pleasure, warmth, etc"

.muff, muffin, kitten, puff; other soft, fluffy or furry beings

.fanny, ethyl, suzy; female personal names

.unit, thing; universal descriptors

.lap, nether regions, down there; other approximate locations

.no-no, private area, parts, zone; other off-limits, hush-hush description

.wee-wee, bug; other nonsense words sometimes used for genitals of either gender

.pool, deep sea, wetness; other slipperiness and wetness descriptors

.crevice, lips, crack, smile; other descriptors of a split in flesh

.pussy, beaver, bearded clam; other animal with implied furry and wet parts

.hole, tunnel, (love) pocket, chimney, mouth, (magic) cave, box; other descriptors of internal, and implicitly passive, compartments

.yin-yang, charms; references to magical/mystical things

.snatch, trap; implying something dangerous or inescapable

.meat, sweet meats, taint meat, meat napkin; meat-related names for passive flesh

clinical, blunt or unambiguous names



.vagina, vulva, clitoris, labia; anatomical names

.twat, cooter, cooch, hoo; nonsense words specific to femme genitals

vulgar or melodramatic

.rattlesnake canyon, wizard's sleeve, y-clef, etc etc; all the goofy schoolyard (and rap song) monikers that play up the nature of the beast rather than play it down.

I know there are bound to be tonnes of names that I have never heard, and I'm not really looking to make a comprehensive list here because I never use most of the names anyway so it wouldn't be very useful. The main group of names that I often notice I'm missing is slang from Europe, particularly Britain. Why these haven't migrated over here I don't know (maybe we have enough), but I do notice that email from Euro land sometimes amuses me with new words like minge and the ever-enigmatic fanny.

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