vaginal muscles

page updated: 30-Mar-2004

Finding the right muscles to squeeze took a little time but I didn't have any trouble. Since then, I've found that doing this can lead to serious arousal if you have the dedication. With some experience, I've developed a fair bit of muscle control in there. You can isolate various places to squeeze, and squeeze with varying intensity. I've never stuck it out and achieved orgasm using only my vaginal muscles, but I'm sure it can be done.

A lot of praise was given to how undetectable this practise it; that you can masturbate on the bus, or in church, or waiting in line at the bank or wherever. I don't remember ever doing this in public on purpose, but I did sometimes end up distracted in high school if some crush object was in the desk ahead of me. It's kind of a good arousal, because you don't have to be all distracted or even thinking particularly sexy thoughts. It can just be a background happy/excited feeling.

Bonus benefits of good pubococcygeus muscle tone include improved bladder control, an easier time during childbirth, and a firm, clenchable vagina.

As well, this being able to clench your vaginal muscles can be pleasurable for a sexual partner. I sometimes get inappropriately reminded of "her cunt grips him like a warm, friendly hand" from some Jim Morrison poem. Besides being good for my beloved boy, I like being able to squeeze my vagina against something. It brings a lot more touching and intensity into sex, plus I find I tend to get more focussed and involved the more active I am. Also, it still does all the good nerve stimulating that squeezing an empty vagina does.

For awhile I was confused about my tummy having reshaped itself since my boy and I moved in together after living in different cities all summer. It used to be smoothly rounded like a big egg, and now it is a tummy with a wee roll around the middle and a flatter lower abdomen. I've just realised this is probably because the exercise my vagina does has trimmed the tummy around it, while the rest of my tummy has stayed the same. So there seem to be tummy toning benefits to all of this too :)

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