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page updated: 30-Mar-2004

I'm pretty into my vaginal muscles. When I was 16 or 17, I read a collection of Germaine Greer's early articles for various underground newspapers (The Madwoman's Underclothes, most libraries have it). I totally loved one article called Lady, Love Your Cunt, and it seriously changed my relationship with my vagina.

Part of the article went off about not wearing underwear, and part of it was about exercising vaginal muscles, both to make them strong and elastic and as a hands-free masturbation technique. This was similar to Kegel exercises, which I found out about later. I've never seen Kegel exercises given as a masturbation technique, but I have seen them described as a way to improve sex.

I've gotten pretty good at this. It is very easy and has all kinds of benefits. Also, it is probably the main way I got to be familiar with my vagina. A productive way to spend some time getting to know how the vagina works and stuff.

The idea is simply to practise clenching the vaginal muscles, without tightening muscles in the thighs, bum or stomach. These muscles usually get referred to as pubococcygeus, but I've also seen the bulbocavernosis muscle listed as the one that Kegel exercises involve.

In any case, this clenching can stimulate all kinds of nerves in the vagina, and brings direct pressure to bear on the clitoris. I have a hunch there is also an orgasm-related nerve somewhere in the lower abdomen that this presses on (I was reading a Cosmo at the supermarket that had a column about manually pushing on your stomach during sex for mind blowing orgasms etc). Either a held squeeze or a series of pulses can feel good.

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