mound of womanhood

page updated: 30-Mar-2004

I actually had a request to write something about my "Mound of Venus," and another suggestion to discuss my mons pubis. It is a happy vagina geek when people actually want her to write.

So, I refer to the mound in question as my mound of womanhood, mostly in jest. When being more serious, I say simply "mound." The structure being referred to is the, well, mound, that I have on the front of my body, at the bottom of my belly, about where my pubic hair begins.

Underneath it is a bone apparently called my pubic bone. I can feel most of this bone like a horizontal ring between my legs if I push around in the various soft tissues. Pushing into my belly I can find the top edge of the bone and sometimes even hook a finger behind it (feels fine to prod mine, but it is uncomfortable to push on my boy's. hmm). Then it is solid down to near the front of the opening of my vagina. I think my hip bones have a lot to do with the sides and back of the ring of bone. Incidentally these bones seem further back from the sides and back of the vaginal opening than the front. I don't know how big the whole ring is. Big enough to fit a baby's head through I would imagine. The ring is the limiting factor in baby head size.

As well as having the bone jut out between my upper thigh/lower hip region a bit, there is a nice cushioning of flesh over it. It feels firm enough to have muscle on it, and then it has the mound of womanflesh that separates into the lips of my vulva. This flesh feels about like lips or face cheeks. Firm but squishable. This is the texture/consistency/sensation(?) I think of as "flesh," rather than "muscle" or "fat" or whatever.

This thing is about as wide as four fingers, or a palm. If I lay my fingers along the creases of my thighs, there is a crevice to fit a finger between leg and mound.

I usually extend the definition of my mound to include the fleshy mound that is the rest of my vulva, because it can all be cupped together in a hand as one mound.

I like the moundness of it immensely now, although it used to actually cause me some embarrassment. I would sometimes notice it when wearing a swimsuit and fear that people would think it was wrong somehow for a girl to have a bump there. It isn't a small, defined bump, but it is definitely a bulkiness. I thought bulkiness was only for boys.

But, currently I like the mound for its fleshiness and its ability to be gripped. A cunt can be gripped in a number of ways but I think my favorite (under most circumstances) is to have mine cupped or squeezed as a mound. It's like hugging it :)

I used to sometimes sleep on my front, with the heel of one hand settled onton the top of the pubic bone, with my palm cupping the mound. This evolved out of a need to cushion my breasts from the weight of my body when they were tender cause of hormones, but worked out to be comfy for everybody. I got kind of self conscious about this posture when I would sleep in the company of others, and often would just sleep on my side. Come to think of it, I sleep on my side now. I should try out the old system tonite.

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