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page updated: 30-Mar-2004

So where is this "vagina" you speak of?

It is kind of funny that I hadn't made this page until now. It seemed like a bit of a simple, unnecessary topic to write about.

However, lately I've been getting email assuming that as a little girl I knew where my vagina and its related parts were, and suddenly I think I have location insights beyond " vagina is between my legs."

I did not always know that my vagina was anything but lips. Until the nurse giving "becoming a woman" talks at school pulled out a transparent woman's hip section complete with reproductive organs, I was totally oblivious to there being an internal canal down there. I basically knew how babies got made, but figured that the penis must just somehow lie between the labia during sex.

I don't remember going home immediately and poking around trying to find my vagina. This was all when I was 9 or 10, at which point I didn't masturbate or really expect to start bleeding at any moment, and generally didn't spend much time hanging out with my unit. I don't actually remember when I first found it. Maybe not until I started masturbating. Hmm.

Anyway, from what I can tell, the opening to my vagina is right down between my legs. When I am standing it opens down and is about centered over the back of my legs (I think; I just tried this out). It is part of my abdomen, in that its angle will match my hip bones and back in whatever position I am in. Thus, if I am on all fours, it opens kind of behind me. If I sit cross-legged and slouchy (ie: most of the time), it opens kind of forward.

It is surrounded by my labia minora, which start higher up than my vagina itself does. They surround my urethra as well (it took me awhile to notice that).

Inside, it points up and towards my spine (not straight up into my belly). This has to be dealt with when inserting anything into my vagina.

From what I can tell, my vagina neighbours on some other internal organs. At the end of it I can feel my cervix. If I push on the front wall of it, especially from deeper inside my vagina, I get the urge to pee and would guess my bladder is in there somewhere. The back wall borders quite cosily with my rectum. Yes, rectum! (I don't know, sometimes I feel silly making these declarations. Just cause it's typed doesn't mean I am official enough to remain dignified while referring to my own rectum. Gah!)

But yeah, the two openings aren't so close together, but inside where they each open up into chambers they really just have a wall between them. They aren't off in two separate zones. Sex involving thrusts pointed more towards my back than my front can jostle things up back there and make me farty afterwards (it's reeeally cute too, when I'm all smutty and wet in the area. Why am I telling you this?). Furthermore, if I happen to be having difficulty passing something from my bowel, pushing my fingers against the lower part of my rear vaginal wall (not like right inside my vagina, just at the opening) can kind of reinforce/redirect things and err... (word choice)... help. Ya. No more poo talk.

My vagina is between my legs. That's all I have to say.

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