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page updated: 30-Mar-2004

Nitty gritty details

There are plenty of different positions in which to have oral sex. I have mostly been kissed on while lying on my back with my knees pulled up a bit or with the kisser holding my legs apart or down or wherever. I have mostly kissed on this way as well. Other ways I've encountered include:

.girl sitting on the edge of something (bed, chair, counter, etc...) with the kisser kneeling between her legs.
.girl on hands and knees being kissed from behind or underneath (I like this way).
.girl kneeling over kisser's face (gives girl free hands in easy reach of lover, but I find it more awkward to position myself on my lover this way, since hip-tilting often results in backing away).
.girl lying on back kissing on kisser (awkward to do heterosexually without girl getting choked, unless the boy has a shorter back than she does).
.girl kneeling overtop kisser who is lying on back, and her kissing on kisser (works nicely with girls or boys).
.random, climbing-on-each-other positions, often while hiding under the sheets.

I've only ever managed an orgasm a few times during mutual oral sex (which I think of as 69 but barely ever say). Either I get too distracted trying to be good to my lover to take care of myself, or they get too distracted to keep up, or I get too distracted to keep up, or whatever. It is fun but distracting, and usually leads to something else. Also, having a penis in my mouth upside-down often results in its coronal ridge getting caught on my tongue ring, which is silly).

Various things can be done to avoid getting a lot of hair in your mouth while performing oral sex. One is to spread the lips of the vagina apart with your fingers to keep any furry parts out of the way, or to bury your mouth between them (sometimes going nose first makes this easier). Another is to avoid swallowing very much so as to keep any hair that does get in your mouth from getting in the much more uncomfortable position of being stuck in your throat.

I do not think it is offensive for somebody giving oral sex to pause and pull a hair off their tongue. It is thoughtful to keep up the intermission with the fingers of one hand, but I don't find a brief pause ruins anything.

Also, I don't think the hair is a major problem, worthy of devoting worries to. The only time it is really an issue is when playing a lot and kissing around on thighs and mound.

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