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I think "labia" in my head, not "lips," so that is what I'm using here. Lips seems rude to me for some reason. It reminds me of some guy going on about the beauty of pussies, in reference only to their ability to be fucked. BUT, that is me :)

The two sets of my labia are really not that related, despite having the same name. I'll start at the outside.

My outer labia/labia majora are quite plump, fatter than my thumbs, but they are flatter and smaller around the opening to my vagina where I sit on them. They begin joined somewhere just under my pubic bone and sort of fade into my bum at the other end. There is a crease where my bum starts though; you can tell.

The outside of these is covered in similar skin to the belly and leg skin next to them, as well as in fur. They are furry pretty much the whole way along them, but less densely in the inter-thigh regions than at the front.

The inside of the outside lips is pinker with purply veins under the skin in some places. It is moist. There are lines of bumps sort of like goosebumps along the bottom edge of each, where it blends into the rest of me.

My outer labia are quite smooth and sleek, with no real wrinkles or creases in them. They can seal together but mostly they are a little gappy, leaving an upside-down teardrop sort of shape at the top where they join, and then mostly staying open a bit all the way along if I have my legs together. I don't think they ever really close around the opening to my vagina. They don't hang though; they are snug to the rest of my vulva.

My minor/inside labia are quite thin, like a couple mm. They are pink like the rest of the inside things there, and moist. They start just below my clitoris where its little hood finishes, and join together again on the other side of my vagina.

They are wrinkly and wavy and reasonably flappy. The one on the right side is about twice as flappy and big as the other one, which used to cause me angst (see symmetry). The larger inside lip can poke out of the outside lips, but it is more comfortable if it stays tucked in so it doesn't rub on anything and get dry. The smaller lip mostly stays hidden.

The little hood around my clitoris is much like the minor labia. It is not a flappy and is, I think, symmetrical, but it is the same colour and thickness and whatnot.

Also, inside my inner labia is the opening of my vagina, which is not smooth and sleek looking, but wrinkly and fleshy. It sort of looks like it has more membrane/lip stuff around it.

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Lopsided Labia Heart T-shirts were one of the first products I made for this site!

I love this video of Betty Dodson drawing a vulva from the inside out. She says full labia are her favourite kind.

I have given presentations about labia angst and the sources of idealized images of vulvas.

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