vagina's insides

page updated: 30-Mar-2004

It is warm inside my vagina. Even the outside parts of the unit are quite warm. I notice this if I am sitting naked on any part of my boy, usually his tummy or bum. I notice especially if I have been swimming somewhere chilly and then walk around-- chilled skin will get pressed against my vagina and it will feel warm. Sometimes it burns with passion. I think it does actually get warmer in such instances.

It is also slippery and moist inside my vagina. Sometimes the outside parts get a little drier, but the inside is always wet as far as I know.

Nothing terribly creative has been put inside my vagina. I have not smuggled drugs or parakeets. There have been a variety of body parts (finger, tongue, penis, toe, nose, hand...), and a couple of stray bathroom objects like small lotion bottles that were on the edge of the tub when I lived at home and was a randy teenager with no sexual outlet. There have never been any vegetables inside my vagina. The only foods that have been in or on it are honey, sherbet and ice. Oh, menstrual products have also been inside my vagina (tampons, Instead brand polyethylene cups, reusable rubber cup that I very much like).

When something is fully inside my vagina, I can't feel it. I can feel if it slips, drips or somehow gets pushed out, but I can't feel it when it is inside. I think the only nerves in the top 2/3 or so of the vagina feel pressure and are not very sensitive. Soreness details some effects of this. See also sensitivity.

I know that doctors recommend not leaving anything in your vagina for more than 8 hours, to avoid getting a dangerous infection like toxic shock syndrome, but I don't stick too closely to this. Usually there is no point to leaving anything in my vagina for more than a few hours, but if I am sleeping or not bleeding very much, I will sometimes be lazy or forgetful and leave a menstrual product in me for 12 or so hours. The longest I have ever left anything is about a day, and that was an accident.

I know various horror stories and urban legends involving leaving food in a vagina by accident after playing sexy games with it. Usually these stories end up with the vagina being disgustingly infected by maggots or demon roaches, but I would be more inclined to think they would just rot and smell bad and get very full of bacteria, the way that menstrual blood can do that if you forget about a tampon or a diaphragm for weeks. So no keeping food in your vagina.

I don't invasively wash my vagina. I get the outside parts and the vaginal opening with water, but I leave the inside alone. I do not put soap or any chemicals in or on it. Whenever soap gets in my vagina it stings, so I try to keep it away. I understand that the vagina has an important pH and microbial balance, and I try not to mess it up.

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