vagina's insides

page updated: 30-Mar-2004

My facination with the internal nature of my vagina grew out of a facination with the way penises are external. It seems a lot of girls comment on the exposed nature of penises.

My vagina is a different kind of internal orifice than my mouth. It is more like an esophagus. It collapses on itself when not held open. I can squeeze it shut, but I cannot open it with vaginal muscle control.

The inside of my vaginal is not smooth. It curves some, and is kind of wrinkly. It is very stretchy and soft, as in easy to push into, but also firm, in that it is not substanceless like a pillow. It is muscular.

It has a mound just inside itself on the front wall. This mound separates two of my favorite anatomical regions: the vestibule (the outermost part of the vagina, like a foyer), and the vaginal vault (the part that is sealed shut behind the mound). V words!

For awhile I was slightly paranoid that my vagina was deformed, given the various lumps and nubs that it has, but it seems to be fine (see cervix for more internal bump descriptions). When I was younger I sometimes wondered if it would be too short to fit a penis into, but it wasn't. It is only slightly longer than my fingers, but it stretches a lot.

In fact, another of my favorite anatomical parts, the fornix (fornyx?), helps ensure that my vagina is long enough for intercourse. The fornix is the part of the vagina that is deeper than the cervix, like a moat around the uterus. When aroused, the rear part of the fornix pouches out to make a pocket (the stuff you learn when you read publications of the Kinsey Institute). Fornix of course has the same word root as fornication.

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