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Vagina pictures and photos of vulvas

These days there are hordes of vagina pictures on the internet. If you want to look at some non-pornographic images of female genitals, I recommend any of the links below. I’ve tried to collect images that show the diversity of vulvas, and also their beauty, but there are many more out there (pictures and vulvas!).

Looking at vulvas can help you learn about anatomy (where the clitoris is, for example) and about realistic body image. Many women don’t realize how varied adult labia and vulvas can be— looking at photos of vulvas will clear that up in a snap!

Online images of vulvas

I’ve listed these roughly in order of awesomeness and prestige.

Vulva drawings by Betty Dodson

A selection of Betty’s great illustrations from her book Sex For One are online (see also my book review), showing lots of vulva variety. Also on her site is a gallery of genital photos sent in by her fans (and of course, all kinds of happy sexuality info).

See also this great video of Betty drawing female genitals from the inside out.

Celebrating Yoni

Photos of vulvas with a variety of pubic hair styles, with mostly fuller, draped labia minora, posed with flowers and other props from nature. I especially like this soft, furry one.

The Y Project photos

Petter Heger’s photos of vulvas are taken from the front, with the women standing, instead of the more common “between the legs” angle. These are all shaved, white, and overlit, offering a good variety of shapes, but very limited styles.

Genital animations from Planned Parenthood

Drawings of a variety of male and female genitals, with light-up anatomical labels. Pretty swell.

Vulvology photo galleries

A very large collection of photos and digitally modified images of vulvas, organized into series. Lots of diversity of form, with a bit of a bias toward shaving.

Anatomical illustration scans

Debbie at has scanned illustrations from several anatomy books. More pictures in the sections about the vulva and clitoral and labial size..

Vulva portraits by Nick Karras

Several of the photos from Nick’s book Petals (see my review). These are mostly shaved, but show diverse shapes and ages in a black and white, fine art style.

Christina Camphausen & Rufus C. Camphausen

Among other worthwhile things on this site are collections of yoni art by Christina. They are pretty in a pastel, organic, stylized kind of way.

Pubic hair Valentines, by Julie C.

Cartoonish designs showing muffs and man-muffs. I find these extremely endearing and funny, and own possibly the only fridge magnet produced from one of these drawings.

Sexual anatomy photos

Basic labelled photos of vulvas, plus diagrams and anatomical descriptions of women’s genitals, from the archives.

Vulva anatomy, at The Red Spot

A simple map of the vulva to get you started. See also the internal anatomy.

Menstrual art

From the The Museum of Menstruation website. The first print that comes up is my favorite on there, but the whole gallery is fun.


Lots of pictures of vulvas, mostly digitally manipulated photos and drawings. They cover quite a spectrum from artistic yet realistic to “is that a galaxy in space?” (See my interview with the artist in the Vaginal Science Fiction Issue.)

Books and offline pictures of vulvas

Femalia, by Joani Blank

A book with thirty-two color photos of vulvas, from Down There Press/Good Vibrations. A great way to find some context for the vulvas in your life.

Petals, by Nick Karras

A book with forty-eight sepia toned photos of vulvas. Less intense than Femalia. (See my review of Petals.)

Viva La Vulva, by Betty Dodson, Ph.D.

A video showcasing vulvas in a non-pornographic way. Lots of variety from the ever-positive Betty Dodson. See also her book Sex for One, which I reviewed here.

Cunt Coloring Book, by Tee Corinne

For artistic anatomical explorations!

And... Annie Sprinkle is adorable

I need to show you this picture of Annie Sprinkle emerging from a yoni. Could Dr. Annie be any more fun?

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The only parts of this website that actually display vaginal imagery are the zine issues. There’s a great photo with piercings, some sculpture, crafts, vulva puppets, artist interviews, and more.

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