grooming habits

page updated: 30-Mar-2004

I have fairly mundane vaginal grooming habits. They do not cause me any worry. I shower mostly every day, and make sure that my vagina gets a washing. I am not very invasive about it, and mostly leave the inside parts alone, though I give the vulva and the opening of the vagina a thorough rinse with water.

This really takes care of any hygiene worries I could have. I am satisfied with my level of "freshness" and "comfort." My vagina is neither dry nor messy. It has a smell but that mostly gets kept to itself and doesn't stray far.

In other aspects of grooming, I am careful how I wipe myself at the toilet. It is more of a habit than a consciously careful wiping, as I have been doing this since I was small, but I always wipe front before back. My mum told me to be careful about that when I was little, so I did. Apparently doctors think it is important too, for reasons of microorganism migration.

The grooming of my pubic hair is discussed under fur.

I don't wash my hands before touching my vagina unless they have something notably contaminatory on them (mud, cayenne, animal kisses...), but I do wash my hands after touching my vagina under normal circumstances.

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