bikini waxing adventures

page updated: 31-Mar-2004

I had never waxed any part of my body until this month, when I decided I would pull all the hair out of my entire unit. Clever me. The motivation behind this is described under ornamentation.

My decision to wax instead of simply shave was based on the desire to avoid stubble, and for more hair-free time before regrowth began. Advertisements had led me to believe that waxing was the solution to these desires.

Waxing products are generally found in the same aisle as shaving products in drug stores. This would be the aisle usually marked both "men's needs" and "hair removal." I would rather it was marked "body hair hygiene" or something, in keeping with the "feminine hygiene" and "oral hygiene" tradition (why do men have needs instead of hygiene, and where oh where is the "anal hygiene" aisle? I suppose though that a lot of people would just stop buying toilet paper if it got moved from the paper products aisle to someplace marked "anal." Can you tell I used to work at a supermarket?).

Uhh... anyway. I selected a cold wax because it seemed like less hassle than hot wax, especially since I don't have a microwave to heat wax up in. Incidentally, the "wax" is not really a wax but a viscous syrop, as far as I can tell. It has nothing to do with oils or petroleum products, but is composed instead of water, sugars and citrus extracts. It even tastes sweet. This must also make it a lot easier to wash off than real wax.

I picked a small-ish jar of wax with strips included but not pre-waxed, because I figured this was a pretty big job and I didn't want to run out of hair removal products in the middle. I do tend to buy in bulk anyway.

My main concern with waxing was that it would damage the hair follicles and cause my fur to grow back less densely or in patches after the waxing. I don't like to permanently mess with my body. I am not a person who is excited by the idea that after waxing my legs 10 or so times the hair will just stop coming back and I'll be permanently smooth.

Having trouble staying on topic today. On to the actual waxing.

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