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page updated: 05-Mar-2007

My pubic hair is brown. It has always been brown. Quite a dark brown.

I do not really remember when my vagina grew its fur. I guess technically it is not the vagina that gets furry. But, I do not remember when I developed pubic fur. Sometime in the grade 7-8 range.

I was quite a late bloomer in other areas, so this might also be the tail end of the fur-development-age bell curve. This did not distress me that I remember. Probably because the growth is much more covert than breasts, and I didn't see a lot of pantsless girls at that age for comparison.

I do remember that the growth was gradual, and that the first forays into furriness were not curly. The straightness didn't worry me but I did want it to hurry up and curl; I thought it was a bit unsightly.

Now my fur, left to its own devices, makes a triangle over my mound of womanliness, and also covers the more hidden regions of my outer labia (like between my thighs), and this spreads about an inch or so onto my thighs. It is quite thick, coarse (but soft) and curly, and I guess covers a fair sized area.

I will note that pubic hair has a tendency to fall out and tends to accumulate in places like bedsheets, shower walls and floors, bathroom floors, etc. I don't know if it falls out at a faster rate than head hair or whether some other factor makes it noticeable. It doesn't bug me. It is kind of funny to live with roommates who have different coloured hair, cause you can tell whose pubic hairs are whose in the shower. Forced intimacy, but that's ok.

I do wash my fur in the shower, but I don't shampoo it or condition it. Neither do I style it. I wash it the same way as I wash the rest of my body.

For awhile, I shaved my bikini line along with my legs and armpits, mostly to stave off ridicule during jr. high gym class and swimming. I would shave all the hair on my inner thighs and a little bit further on the front. the main goal was to keep the fur small enough to hide inside my underwear. One time I shaved the hair off my labia just past the crease of my thighs between my legs. It was very prickly and uncomfortable for quite awhile. Not cool.

Technical details and tips for shaving pubic hair and bikini lines are on their very own page.

I was never very satisfied with the job I managed to do with my bikini line, as it was usually prickly no matter what shaving technique I employed, and the dark roots of hairs would show through the pale skin anyway.

I think I trimmed my fur a couple of times too, to make it less bushy.

Just recently I embarked on an extreme waxing adventure, in which I removed all the hair from my entire unit. This justifiably has its own page.

For several years I didn't shave anything. Thus I was quite hairy (which made waxing quite a job), and the hairiness was noticeable if I wore underwear that was high-cut at all, but I liked it. I mostly wear hot pantsy underwear anyway.

One thing about not shaving is that the hair sometimes gets stuck between underwear elastic and leg, and pulls some. This could be awkward to adjust in public but most of the time wriggling can fix the problem.

I was never a big one for disposable menstrual pads, but they can be a bitch for sticking to pubic hair around the edges where the glue isn't stuck to panty fabric, or just where blood is drying.

I have never shaved my pubic fur into a shape such as a heart, or into an extreme little velcro strip. Neither have I bleached or dyed it any colours. Applying chemicals to pubic hair is supposed to be dangerous, and I can imagine that any stray drips or fumes of bleach or ammonia dye that got into the moist inner sections of my vulva would cause serious burning pain. I don't even like soap to get in there. However, there has to be some way to safely dye the fur cause I have seen both ladies and gents with day-glo fur (and who guessed where?).

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