pubic hair and bikini styling

page updated: 05-Mar-2007

Pubic hair and grooming

Discussions about pubic hair inevitably turn to grooming and styling, so this section covers my personal experiences with shaving, waxing, trimming, dying and so on, as well as an overview of what my muff is like when I leave it to its own devices.

When I started this website in 2000, I referred to pubic hair (and most body hair) as fur. Hence the url. Here at the dawning of spring 2007, I’m more likely to call it a muff, because I think it sounds hilarious and somehow flattering. When the novelty of this term, in turn, wears off, I’ll let you know what takes its place.

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I’ve never dyed my muff, but often admired dye jobs. But! I have a link: Betty Beauty sells muff-safe dye kits.

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