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page updated: 30-Mar-2004

Apparently the biological term used by sexologists to describe semen leaking back out of the vagina after unprotected hetero sex is flowback. (I was watching sex week on the Discovery channel.) I am unclear as to whether this is a verb or a noun. Does flowback get on the sheets, or does smut flowback onto the sheets? Either way, I do not ever use this term :)

I usually describe sex-related fluids as smut. Thus, anything flowing back out of my vagina is smut to me. I can become smutty or covered in smut, get smut on the sheets, etc. If smut gets on the sheets I usually call it a wet spot, but sometimes I still call it smut. I use the words smut and unit to describe most sexual things.

Because neither sex with latex nor oral sex on me produce anything in the way of flowback or wet spots, I have always maintained that most of the flowback fluid is semen. However, as being aroused can result in my vagina producing enough fluid to make a wet spot on my underwear, it would make sense that some of the flowback fluid is from me. It smells like semen, but I don't think that female sex lubrication smells like very much.

To add to the not-as-yet cross-referenced scientific info about my vagina, flowback is supposed to result partly due to the physical force of gravity acting on fluids in the vagina, and partly due to the mass death of sperm encountering the acid pH and immune response of the vagina. Our bodies make much stronger immune responses to foreign cells of our own species than to cells of other species. There is work being done on a system of vaccination against sperm antigens that would make a woman permanently unimpregnable by her partner. Taking immunology classes is fun.

I don't know the proportion of dead to live sperm in human flowback. There is some relation between this figure and the proportion of sperm which are poor swimmers, deformed, or otherwise weak. Humans have more virile sperm than gorillas, but less virile sperm than chimpanzees. This is likely due to varying competitive forces: male gorillas have sexual monopolies over their harems, chimpanzees mate with everyone, and humans are in the middle-- moderately polygamous. That had very little to do with my vagina but I thought it was interesting.

Further scientific trivia: if a woman has an orgasm within a few minutes before or after being ejaculated into, there is significantly less flowback. There is a theory about the evolutionary purpose of the female orgasm charmingly known as the "upsuck theory" that relates to this. (The other main theory on the topic is referred to as the "poleaxe theory" because it relates to the ability of orgasms to sedate a woman, so "upsuck" isn't all alone in the land of poor taste.)

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