page updated: 31-Mar-2004

This will be brief. See also activities while bleeding for other things that my vagina notices me doing.

So... my bike is my mum's old brown 5-speed cruiser and I like it quite well. During general use, the seat does not harass my vulva and mainly tenderizes my ass (old seats suck).

However, I have noticed with several different rides that biking while bleeding can hurt some, especially if I am employing the services of an internal product. It is like the product's normal positioning is being disrupted and it puts pressure on all the tender parts of me: cervix, internal walls, vulva, everything. Also it can seriously exacerbate cramps, for whatever reason.

This may be the only name-dropping on this site, and it is pretty low-grade, but funny: my old femme roommate's new landlady's daughter.... is an Olympic mountain biker named Alison Sydor-- she's on the back of Cheerios cereal boxes!

Shutting up :)

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