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I find that touching my clitoris directly is uncomfortable and makes me cringe. It is too sensitive, what with all the nerves. It is better to rub it through its little hood, through my labia or some other cushioning, or to simply move the tissue around it and let it get touched that way. Also, I find that stimulating the base of it (the shaft!) can be more pleasant than going for the head. Of course, it is so compact that these distinctions are hard to make. Also I think that touching any part of the clitoris tends to put something in contact with the rest of the organ, whether it is the object doing the touching or whether it is skin that got caught up in the adventure.

Stimulating my clitoris the right way can make me aroused, but I think it is easier to be good to my clitoris when I am already aroused because of some other activity. Any kind of rubbing or poking at my clitoris with a dry object like a finger will likely be uncomfortable. It is better to get things wet or let them wet themselves before undertaking any manual stimulation. Also, my clitoris doesn't need to be touched to become erect and excited, although it generally has to be stimulated somehow for me to have an orgasm.

I don't think too much about my clitoris; I mostly just appreciate it along with the rest of my vagina. I probably mention it more often than the other parts, because it is the only part I tend to anthropomorphisize (it's the little shaft, it makes it seem like a peg person). I have never wanted to change anything about my clitoris, or had any concept of how it related to other clitorises. It seems like they are too small to have any really noticeably variation, but I don't know for sure.

This whole size issue only occurred to me as I was reading a personal account of a gender reassignment surgery where the author, Paula, "requested a large clitoris." I had never thought about the size of a clitoris being important, but then I realised that if you were making a clit out of the relatively less sensitive glans of a penis, you might want to conserve as many nerves as possible. Then I got all fascinated with making vaginas out of penis flesh, and which parts would get made into what. It's the embryonic stem tissue all over again!

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