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Despite not liking many words associated with my vagina, I do like the word cervix. I think it is partly the X.

I have never seen my cervix, but I would like to. A happy porn star turned happy lesbian feminist porn star that I like, named Annie Sprinkle used to do a live show called Post Porn Modernist. It included a unit called Public Cervix Announcement, in which she would manipulate a speculum on stage and invite members of the audience to come see her cervix.

I am curious about my cervix. It seems to have all kinds of cool functions. It secretes mucus to keep sperm out of my uterus, or to store them for later use if I am about to ovulate. It will develop a plug to hold the baby in if I get pregnant. It can be changed by hormones. It can dilate and contract. It can possibly get cancer, so I get tests done on it. Its secretions lubricate my whole vagina.

But I have only a vague idea what it looks like. From every diagram I have seen of the female reproductive system, the cervix appears to be where the uterus is preparing to kiss whatever finds its way up there. A pursing of the uterus. There are a lot of lips associated with my vagina. I think cervixes can be more correctly assumed to look like strong pink donuts with very small donut holes. (Hooray for food analogies!)

I assume that the cervix is made of muscles the way the uterus and vagina are, and that it also has some other components to do with the mucus secretion and whatnot. But that is all I know. I don't even know what colour it is, although I assume it is some kind of pink.

Maybe next time my doctor is examining my cervix I will ask what it looks like. That should make for a splendid conversation. I don't think I've ever had a well-socialised doctor, who could carry on a social conversation, especially about a cervix.

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