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page updated: 31-Mar-2004

I wanna be menarche

As far as I know, menarche, or a girl's first menstrual period, is pronounced much like anarchy. Mine was when I was 14. I was rather relieved to finally be bleeding, as I was somewhat insecure about my late-blooming nature.

I did get teased once or twice about being 13 and not having bled, but by the time I was about 15 and most girls had gotten over the novelty of puberty, nobody got teased anymore. There was no retroactive teasing, as in "I remember that you were a late-bloomer." There was only present tense teasing, as in "at this moment, you are behind."

I got my period at home, which probably saved me some embarrassment and stress in the style of being afraid to come out of the school bathroom. The night before I remember noticing a small amount of brownish streaking on my panties, which I figured had something to do with not wiping properly.

The next morning I had a sore, tight back. No cramps. I noticed the blood when I went to the bathroom to pee. I was freaked out, despite knowing what it was. It had been built up to be a rather major event and I didn't know how to react so I quietly panicked. Then I changed out of my pjs and found a pad to wear. I figured I should tell my mum but I didn't want to. She guessed anyway cause I hugged her and she could feel my pulse racing. Then I started to cry.

Touching, huh? My mum did not give me a "now you're a woman" speech or anything, she just made sure I had some products. She actually just showed me where hers were. When my little sister got her period we each got our own stash of tampons and whatnot. My family is kind of anti-climactic.

During my first period I was also rather uncomfortable as it was heavier than anything since and lasted around a week. I did not have abdominal cramps, but I had cramps in my lower back.

After my first bout of bleeding, I didn't have another period for about 6 months. I wasn't worried about this as I knew this could happen; I just enjoyed the break.

I was embarrassed that my mum told my dad when I got my period. I didn't mind that he knew, I just minded that he knew when, and that he felt compelled to tease me about pms. Dads of the world, that isn't funny. I was also embarrassed that my sister knew when. I was more embarrassed when she got her period in grade 6 to my grade 9. This wore off.

I'm not sure why bleeding is such a status symbol for middle school girls.

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