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page updated: 31-Mar-2004

I liked tampons for their discreteness and comfort. I didn't like being conscious of wearing something external. As well, provided I changed them on time, tampons made less mess than pads (for me). However, an overdue tampon is a rather more serious deal than an overdue pad, I think. Tampons for me just quit working, no more absorbing at all; bring on the full gush. Pads just leak over the sides but still shield somewhat.

Still, I never got into the habit of wearing panty-liners with pads. Just a lazy girl. My mum suggested panty liners to me when I first used tampons, to deal with wet tampon strings which had been peed on. I found that my tampon strings tended to get curled up amongst the crevices of my vulva and not get in the way of peeing anyway. Tucking the tampon string inside oneself on purpose seems to be a technical revelation to a lot of women, judging by a discussion on this one board. Thus, I pass this tidbit on in case.

I have had tampon strings disappear inside me, but I've never had any trouble finding them again. I don't think my vagina is terribly long.

(Let's see, what else do people wonder about with tampons?...) I've worn tampons during all kinds of activities with no problem; running, swimming, working as a lifeguard, what have you. I took them out to have sex. If I was wearing a tampon, I wouldn't let anybody take my underwear off. They made me self-conscious, even if I had tucked the string inside myself to hide it. My friend Britt wears her tampons flamboyantly and does not hide them from her boyfriend. I think that is cool, but I still refer to my vagina as being "in a hut" if it has any kind of product in it, and keep it hidden.

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