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page updated: 31-Mar-2004

Lately, I really want to make reusable tampons. *waves goodbye to half the audience* I like internal menstrual products for reasons of comfort, but don't like to throw so many products out, and have concers about my flashy reusable cup.

I would like something that is reusable, because I don't like waste and pollution, and because it would cost less. I would like something soft like a tampon, so that it wouldn't risk bruising anything. I can deal with my vaginal secretions being absorbed.

I'm pretty sure such a thing would be safe. They could be made from unbleached cotton, to eliminate chemical and microbiological risks. If my cup can be safely reinserted then the product can't need to be sterile. All kinds of non-sterile things get put in my vagina. Diaphragms have never had to be sterile, and they get left in for multiple hours. Regular tampons aren't sterile either, just wrapped.

As a safety measure, I figure I'll use my microbiology undergrad thesis project to check these things out. For now I figure I'll design the unit itself and find good fabric and stuff, and test it when the time comes.

The plan is to use folded and rolled up looseweave cotton or flannel, maybe inside a smooth slipcase (with string?). I don't think that fabric would be more chafing than a disposable tampon.

These should probably be washed in plain water with no detergent, just so as not to have detergent residues getting absorbed into the vagina. I figure they could even be boiled. My gramma used to boil her white laundry to make it white. This would maybe help things not stain so much (but I am pretty resigned to stainage here) and make them pseudo-sterile at least.

Ya. Working on it. Mainly I think I need to find good fabric.

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