disposable menstrual pads

page updated: 31-Mar-2004

The first menstrual products I used were disposable pads, because I'd had them in my closet since my mum decided I was an appropriate age, and they were convenient. By the second day of my first period, I had decided that pads were uncomfortable and messy and was a devout user of disposable tampons.

Occasionally I would still wear pads at night as a backup to tampons so that I wouldn't have to get up in the middle of the night to change products. Also, I've found that if I have cramps to the point of nausea, pads can be more comfortable than tampons.

I've worn a few brands of pads to a very limited extent, and would only endorse one of them. Obviously this is a personal thing and everyone has different preferences.

The first pads I had were some obscure brand name that sounded like Vanilla. They were noticeably thick and wet and I hated them much. They were white with a kind of gauze casing. They came in lite purple envelopes.

For awhile we had Always (with "dry-weave") in the house and I hated them as well. I found the perforated plastic topsheet very plasticky, and tending to get sweaty and stick uncomfortably. Also, any and all solid bits would sit rather unattractively on top. Furthermore, they always seemed to curl up at the edges so that the glue could get stuck to my fur. Ahh! Always were also white and quite thick (to me), with maybe a pink plastic bottom, and came in pink envelopes.

The only kind of pad that hasn't pissed me off has been Kotex. We had some "lock away core" variety with "wings." They were white and notably thin with a pink rectangle down the middle. The tops were soft and clothy, and always felt dry. I have woken up with way overfull pads and not felt squooshy and messy. I still didn't like pads for everyday wear, but these were my backup of choice for awhile. Kotex came in pink envelopes too. Pad manufacturers are boring.

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