tampon dilemmas

page updated: 31-Mar-2004

This was too preachy and nutty, so I'm changing it. It is not done.

I have always had some concerns about tampons being disposable and producing a lot of garbage, but for a long time this was mainly directed at tampon applicators, especially plastic ones. At some point I made the connection that tampons themselves are garbage too. Just because they get flushed down the toilet doesn't mean they turn into liquid and disappear peacefully into the ocean.

As well, tampons are each individually wrapped, and further packaged into a box. Applicator tampons have extra wrapping cause the applicators are big.

Also, it gets expensive to constantly be replenishing one's supply of tampons.

For quite some time I was worked up over the possibility of cancer-causing dioxins being present in bleached tampons (ie: all mainstream tampons). The American food/drug people have this website assuring tampon safety regarding dioxins. It is quite possible that people just latched onto the cancer idea as part of the current trend to argue with doctors and science about stuff. For me it was more related to being afraid of corporate interests being in charge of science, cause they have motivations other than education and enlightenment.

But, now I want to know what's up with the bleaching process with regard to industrial waste. And of course, there are still the TSS concerns, although the FDA website belittles those too.

I don't worry too much about the health things anymore. Mainly tampons bug me because they are wasteful of resources and money, the same as any other disposable product.

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