free bleeding

page updated: 15-Nov-2004

Some strategies and details of decreased product use in daily life:

  • I discovered in minimum credit high school gym, while walking back from some or other non-sport (canoeing? archery?) that took place on the edge of town instead of at the school, that menstrual blood will actually stay sort of sopped up in my vulva for quite some time, in the various nooks and crannies. I can feel very, very wet before I actually make a big mess, unless of course I sit down. This is true in a situation with no products involved, or with internal products that have reached capacity.
  • When sleeping, I make less mess if I am naked, because blood will stay tucked into me or will smear down my thighs. If I'm wearing pyjamas, the blood will absorb into them, soak through, blot onto the sheets etc. Sleeping on my side keeps more blood on my body than does sleeping with the crevice of me conveniently aligned for blood drainage.
  • Unless I am really intensely gushing, I have time to get out of a shower, dry off a little, and sit on the toilet before I start dripping on the floor. If I am bleeding quite thickly, I tend to do a last little wash of my vagina to get all the blood about to come out of me. This buys a little time upon exiting the shower.
  • Debbie from suggested something to me that I actually used to do a lot, if I was bleeding heavily and didn't want to worry about having to wake up in the middle of the night to change a product. If you don't want to use a product, or are using a product that you suspect will overflow, you can lay out a bath towel or two to absorb the blood. Good for sleeping, during sex, or just around the house if you are so inclined. Some assertive women make themselves cotton cushions for this purpose if they don't want to use products while hanging out. Ideas.

I don't know if I have expressed what a fun revelation this was. I am not lazy! I am not irresponsible! I just think it is ok to overflow sometimes! And it doesn't make me a new age flake who organizes women's retreats (not that there is anything wrong with that, it just isn't me)! It is nice to notice that "free bleeding" can be a smaller, less extreme gesture than the way I usually see it portrayed. This page involved a lot of declarative statements. Perhaps this is a whole new era (the era where I do things the same way I used to, but with new names for them). Mm-hm.

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