travelling during periods

page updated: 31-Mar-2004

As is mentioned on the frequency page, major air travel tends to induce a small period, for me and a fair proportion of other females. Because of this and just for safety's sake, I have always packed along at least some menstrual products when travelling.

I find that I am more conscious of my bleeding if I am away from home, in the form of a background paranoia about being isolated from a bathroom. I am more likely to actually keep track of the time when out of the house, so as to avoid overexerting my products. This is mainly a hassle on long car trips, when I need to stop more often than other passengers and feel self-conscious. Airplanes and ferries and whatnot contain their own bathrooms and are thus no trouble :)

Of more concern than the possibility of unavoidable messes while travelling (these are uncommon for me) is the wretched state of being stuck away from home suffering from menstrual pain (cramps, headache, backache, bloating, tenderness, nausea, general malaise, fatigue, despair, whatever). Having to carry on doing something, especially something critical like carting luggage across an airport to make a tight connection home from the middle of nowhere, whilst in pain makes me want to cry, further especially if anything goes awry. It's the frustration of being stuck somewhere. Maybe I'm spoiled and used to being able to hide away in bed when I feel crummy.

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