swimming during periods

page updated: 31-Mar-2004

The main issue for me when swimming during my period is appropriate product choice. Obviously, any kind of external pad-type product won't do much good. It would be a conspicuous addition to a swim suit ensemble, and would just get full of water and be useless. Having always been an avid user of internal products, I saw no problem. I suppose if a girl had never used anything but pads she might stress a bit about swimming on her period. I should ask around about what women who dislike internal products do about swimming. Avoid or go productless? Y'all can email me these things; I'd love that.

So, I've always swum during my period, even during my first period. If I am bleeding a lot, I will use a product while swimming. When I was into tampons, I noted that they would tend to get soaked with water while swimming or during a bath and end up needing to be changed when I got out. The waterlogging would make the tampon leak; blood would go around the sides instead of soaking in. Somebody told me one time that the vagina keeps itself closed enough to keep a tampon dry but I think they were making that up. Even with no tampon in my vagina, water gets in it if I swim. It ends up dry because its regular lubrication gets washed out.

Anyway, the reusable cup has never been a problem while swimming. It holds itself in place and seals to the vaginal wall, which keeps water out of it.

I've never had a product come out or anything while swimming. I did make a point of always tucking tampon strings inside my suit or just inside myself for safety. Usually when bleeding I'd change in a change room instead of in the common changing area, so nobody would see any dangling tampon strings or bloody panty liners or whatever.

If I'm not bleeding much I'll sometimes go productless when swimming. Somebody out there will probably freak out about women bleeding in public pools. I dunno. It isn't like it's gushing out. A whole period's worth of blood is only a half cup or something. A swim's worth of blood on a lite day is probably only a teaspoon for me. There's more urine than that in the average pool :)

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