November 26, 2007

Dec 8 sex toy workshop

I'm helping put on a sex toy workshop with the Sex Ed Exchange. Here are the details if you want to come! (Be sure to say hi, too.)

Sex Toy Workshop

  • Saturday Dec 8, 2007
  • 7:30 - 9:30pm
  • At Camas Books and Infoshop - Quadra at Kings, Victoria BC, Coast Salish territory
  • Open to all genders
  • $5 suggested donation

My friend Tracey Coulter of The T-Spot will present a heap of info about sex toys, followed by group discussion (bring your tips and questions). We'll be covering materials, costs, safety, product types and care, basic use ideas, shopping tips and how to choose toys, as well as ideas for using sex toys to solve sexual problems without drugs or medical treatment, how to use sex toys as a sex safety strategy, and fun stuff like that.

The Sex Ed Exchange is (so far) me, Tracey, and Robin Tosczak from the Anti-Violence Project. We've been putting on monthly events where people can talk about sex and sexuality in the best anti-oppressive environment we can make. We usually have a movie or a community resource person to get us started, but we emphasize (optional) group discussion and peer sharing, rather than experts and authorities. We're figuring out how to support each other in DIY sex education. It's fun!

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